Hi just wanted to let you know how great your products are, I especially love my camp oven mate, no more head beads on top and dust getting into what ever is cooking. I just recently bought your spun camp oven what can I say it's fantastic, I was able to cook pork spare ribs inside and cook sausages on the lid all inside the camp oven mate at the one time. I am so happy as I now no longer need to bring a fry pan and have cut down on weight as we no longer take cast iron camp oven. When cooking with camp oven mate hardly any gas is used as burner is down so low another plus.

Have had many enquires around campsite about camp oven mate and camp oven hopefully some will purchase. I spoke highly of your product at our local Tent World shop here at Kawana on Sunshine Coast where I purchased your products from.

Thanks again for a great product, produced here in Australia.


Vicki Lea

Vicki Lea, Designer

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